Anonymous asked: I mean not leaving

I don’t know if I am yet :) for the next month or so I’ll only be answering questions though

Anonymous asked: You're not going !

going where

hey guys just apolozing AGAIN for how inactive I’ve been!! I’m back in school and I have like 7+ soccer practices a week and homework and everything and I have no leftover time anymore!! hopefully I’ll be more active in like november and stuff but I’m not positive I really want to keep this blog, it depends if any others stay or not. until then I recommend you follow savmontanofashion she’s really good at finding everything and she’s probably the most active blog right now :)

Anonymous asked: Could you do a little guide for going to a 1975 concert? I'm going and I have no idea what to wear.

you can wear a 1975 tshirt tucked into high waisted shorts or just wear pretty much and crop top with high waisted jeans/shorts/a skirt. also at pretty much any concert you go to, 75% of the girls there will be wearing a white/black crop top with jean shorts and a flannel around their waist so you can always do that lmfao :)

Anonymous asked: Where did savannah get her romper? ( she is wearing it in the picture with the sign "sexybitch")

savmontanostyle found it recently look through her blog for it!!

Anonymous asked: Do you know where the dress that Alexa and tally have. Alexa's is black and tallys is white, it's like an open design in the front

it’s from lf :)

Anonymous asked: Can you post some of the girls nails like so I can get a color idea :)

colors they usually get: black, white, dark blue, light pink, light purple, light blue, red, or french

Anonymous asked: Hey I'm going to a BBQ but there isn't going to be a pool or any water at all so any bathing suite wear is out, what would some of the girls wear? It's in a park. Maybe post some pics. Even just random outfits you think would be good that they have worn

I don’t really have any pics but I would wear like a nice tanktop with jeans or shorts and flip flops or sandals, and then bring a sweatshirt incase you stay late and it gets chilly :)

Anonymous asked: rain day outfits?

pretty much anything along the lines of like leggings and a graphic tee (good ones from urban) or sweatpants

Anonymous asked: Where do the girls buy most of their clothes from?

mainly american apparel, LF, brandy melville, pacsun, tillys and forever 21 lately