Anonymous asked: Hey I'm going to a BBQ but there isn't going to be a pool or any water at all so any bathing suite wear is out, what would some of the girls wear? It's in a park. Maybe post some pics. Even just random outfits you think would be good that they have worn

I don’t really have any pics but I would wear like a nice tanktop with jeans or shorts and flip flops or sandals, and then bring a sweatshirt incase you stay late and it gets chilly :)

Anonymous asked: rain day outfits?

pretty much anything along the lines of like leggings and a graphic tee (good ones from urban) or sweatpants

Anonymous asked: Where do the girls buy most of their clothes from?

mainly american apparel, LF, brandy melville, pacsun, tillys and forever 21 lately

Anonymous asked: what does LF mean?

idk if it means anything I just know its a boutique they shop at

hey guys just apologizing for not really posting!! I said I wouldn’t really be posting for like a week but it’s been way more than a week I’m sorry!! I don’t really know when I’ll be posting again because I won’t have my laptop for the next 2 days and then I’m going on vacation and then when I get back I have nonstop soccer and then school starts, and I still wanna hangout with my friends and stuff too and I won’t really be able to post during school either!! not to mention I’ve lost a lot of interest in this blog, as most of boca blogs also have because the girls just don’t like them anymore and want their privacy and stuff. I’m still going to post or at least try, but please try not to bombard me with the same questions and stuff, because if I don’t answer I either don’t see it or I’m still looking for the answer. I’m soooososo sorry once again for not posting at all lately and I know I haven’t posted anything this month and hopefully I can start posting again!! I might turn off questions for a bit just to give myself some time so in the mean time your best bet would probably savmontanostyle for any questions or requests :)

samanthaserenityy asked: Nicole's Instagram picture "just call me captain" shirt is from tillys

thank you!!


sorry I’ve been really busy!!!!

Anonymous asked: Can you do the bikini Sav posted in the mirror like a week ago

I’m still looking for it :)

Top - similar from O’Neill
Bottoms - Victoria’s Secret (color sold out)

Top - similar from O’Neill

Bottoms - Victoria’s Secret (color sold out)

Anonymous asked: Hi, do you know where are savannahs gladiator sandals from ? The white ones she wore to lexxs birthday party and to the mall with jared !

they’re from LF :)